Installation Videos

Dodge ProMaster No Drill Ladder Installation

Install our NO DRILL ProMaster ladder at home in 3 easy steps! Our ladder fastens to the body seam of the ProMaster through a pinch plate so that no drilling is required. With just a few simple tools and two people, you can have your rack ready to climb in no time!

Ford Transit No Drill Ladder Installation

Check out our no drill ladder system designed for simple at-home installation. Our unique ladder bolts into the existing factory van gussets on the driver's side of the van, meaning no drilling for you! Add this accessory to our Ford Transit rack and you're set to head out on your next adventure.

Ford Transit Adventure Van Roof Rack Installation

With a few simple tools and two tall ladders, you can install your Ford Transit adventure van roof rack at home! Follow along with Dallan Whistance and Dustin Wroblewksi as they show you how easy it is to install. In 13 simple steps, you will be ready to adventure with RDC’s unique American-made roof rack!

Dodge ProMaster Adventure Van Rack Install

Back at it with the ProMaster rack for that #vanlife​! Chill with Dustin and Dallan as they show you how to put together our 100% American Made Adventure Van Roof Rack. There are endless opportunities for customization on our rack's simple and strong foundation.

Traction Bar Install

Step by step visual detail for installing your RDC traction bars! Why go RDC for your suspension? Our traction bars come with heavy duty forged threaded polly bushings that use 1.25" threaded shank and 5/8" grade 8 hardware. Big trucks need strong suspension components that are badass and built to last. That's RDC.

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